Betrayal…The reality sets in

Tummy at 4 months pregnantIt hurts to say this and I know some of you will think I am crazy but I am officially…

Getting fat…

My mother in law always jokes and reminds me about what I said a few years ago.”I won’t get fat,it’s not in my genes”

Well I was clearly wrong and yes I know, I am pregnant and I know I am not morbidly obese or whatever but I am definetly heavier than I have ever been in my life.I am currently 16 weeks (4 months) and compared to my other pregnancies,I haven’t showed this much at this stage of my pregnancy.The stretchmarks have also started ,as presented so lovely in the above picture lol.My sister reckons I might be carrying a REALLY big baby or we might be expecting twins,all will be revealed when I go for my scan next month.That didn’t stop us from telling my father in law that I am expecting twins lol to which,as always the reaction was as hilarious as we expected.He says that if the hospital refuses to sterilize me (government hospitals don’t sterilize you unless you are over the age of the 30) then he will do it himself,”want so kan julle nie aangaan nie”.

The first straw was when I wanted to take a selfie and my shirt was popping in the pic.

Shirt busting open because of pregnant tummy
Really bad selfie but lol had to show you the pic

Then I went to buy some clothing for my Coco on a Budget Segment in Swirl Magazine and boom ,the shorts I was trying on was a Size 34!I have never worn anything bigger than a 30.That is ,when I finally realised that my clothes have started to betray me(I have never purchased maternity wear before, but,I have a strong suspicion that it might be time for me to start thinking about it).The top and shorts that I purchased was also considered to be teenager clothes as I was informed by Zoë and according to her I was too old for that.Which brings me to my next little realization…

I am aging,which of course ,I know,but never really felt even though I am now a mom of 2.5 lol. I was refferred to as aunty Charnelle,now Zoë’s friends have been calling me aunty Charnelle for a long time,but either I was in denial and subconsciously chose to ignore it or it just never hit me as hard.

I have been taking pregnavit as a multivitamin but I think it’s not giving me enough nutrients as needed and I might have to get an additional iron tablet due to the fact that I nearly fainted at work the other day (I think my blood pressure levels dropped),I just became light headed and seeing stars in front of me so headed to the ladies to just wash my face off.My mom told me in our family group chat that I must take it easy while my dad said that these are the consequences you face, when you oenkie doenkie lol. (Who needs comedy shows when you have awesome funny parents?)

My nausea has subsided a little so I am not suffering too much anymore.This is something that I am very grateful for.

I know sometimes it might seem that I am complaining and don’t realise how blessed I am to be carrying another bundle of joy within me,when ,there are woman struggling with conceiving on a daily basis.However,this is just me sharing #myjourney some people might love it,some people might not,but somewhere, someone is going through the same things as I am and maybe just maybe I am helping them feel just a teeny tiny little bit better by knowing they aren’t the only ones going through this.

How far along were you when your clothing started to betray you?What was your go to outfit that made you feel most comfortable. I would love to hear from you,let me know in the comments section below.

peace and love coco



8 thoughts on “Betrayal…The reality sets in”

  1. I love your blog posts <3 they always make me smile. You are not fat, you are beautiful and as the cliché goes: you're simply a tiger who's earned her stripes. My go to outfit btw was leggings leggings and more leggings lol oh yes and dolly tops which wasn't really a change for me
    I always liked wearing them because I was always a chunky monkey. Enjoy your journey stretch marks an all and remember you are beautiful x

  2. I too have starting wearing maternity cloths during this pregnancy which I find is very pricey. My go to outfit is black tights and black vest with a shirt makes me feel thinner.

  3. yip this sounds like me on my 3rd pregnancy as well. subsequent babies are normally bigger than their older siblings. I must add my 3rd preg was the hardest, as baby got heavier I started feeling like my bones were just gna fall apart lol. hope u have a better 3rd experience than I did!

    1. Sorry to hear about your experience.I never had real issues with my previous pregnancies but the births were terrible lol.Hopefully this yime around it will be easier. :) thank you for taking the time to comment on my post I really appreciate it.

  4. Well….my weight gain was my BIG HINT when I fell pregnant 10 years ago…. (can’t believe it’s been 10yrs!) Needless to say, I have NEVER gone back to my weight before I carried my mini me. I loved the journey and my stretch marks are my reminder of the Blessing. I feel for you and definitely agree tights, long tees and dresses the way to go. All the best with your journey. Loved reading your blog.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing a little bit of your journey with me I really appreciate.Seems as though leggings is the most popular suggestions will definetly get myself a few pairs :)

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