Exciting news and reason for my break.

As promised,this post is to explain my five week break and also an introduction to my weekly update post going forward for the next 26 – 27 weeks.

I am 13 weeks pregnant with my third child and can not wait to share my journey with you.

This is a very tough pregnancy for me and I have never been this pregnant before lol.

When I found out I was pregnant,I had been feeling weak for two weeks already.I had a lot happening in my life at that time and had also decided to change my diet and start eating healthy. I was feeling very nauseous and fatigued and thought it was just my body rejecting all this good,healthy food.

Healthy Salad


I continued feeling sick for two weeks and then I just couldn’t anymore. When I went to the Dr. and started explaining my symptoms he said,before you speak further first go pee for me lol. Immediately I knew that I was pregnant…I just didn’t know I was 7 weeks pregnant already.

So already in this short time I have picked up enormous differences with this pregnancy and the others. With Zoë I threw up one day (my cousin and I still laugh about this) I was on my way to college and sitting in the back of the bus I started getting extremely hot and felt light headed,ot went on for a few stops and eventually when I blew I had luckily made my way to the front of the bus,so I could just lean out the door.Little did I know that it was my cousin’s stop and that she was in the bus with me the whole time,so she got out giggling and just smiled at me.

Kai I had morning sickness up until two months (a month after I took the pregnancy test ).

But this one eish I’m still suffering.It is literally making me ill (I just want to sleep). I have to chew something all day just to fight the nausea away.My husband is so used to this that he always has a sour sweet at the ready for me,God really blessed me with a superman.The other night he rubbed my back and tummy for literally an hour and a half without complaining and still took care of Kai so that I could sleep. I woke up something ast 12 still complaining about the nausea and the first thing he asked me was if I wanted a sweet.How sweet is that?

My sense of smell has also heightened and unfortunately for me,this is not something I am terribly happy about as it seems to be super heightened for the bad smells and I work in an environment, where the aroma of my surroundings are totally out of my control :(

However I am extremely grateful to once again being carrying a beautiful baby and to be blessed with such an amazing gift.

What type of experiences have you had in your first trimester?I would love to know,leave your comments below.

Till next time,

peace and love coco




20 thoughts on “Exciting news and reason for my break.”

  1. Hmmmmm, well I had morning sickness for the first 4 months up to the point that my OB prescribed a steroid for the nausea. I was sick sick sick. En route to work had to pull over 5 times to puke, and when I got there would be sent right back home. I was tired and the worst person to be around. My second trimester was cool, found out its a boy after various attempts to see the attempts ex, and then the nausea started back up, accompanied by its best friends SEVERE heart burn and indigestion I think he’s a bit big, doc says he’s pushing up against everything.just 8 weeks to go. I can’t wait to meet him.

    1. So happy for you Nicole.Motherhood is the most awesome thing that has happened in my life and I know it will be for you too.You have so much love to give and you aret going to be such an awesome mom!All the best for your last few weeks.

  2. My first trimester I was nauseous for the first three months. I am now in my last trimester and have found that I gained more weight this time around. Congrats to you and hubby cuzzie can’t wait.

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