The Avontuur(Adventure) of price beating.

I am a part of a very fantastic female group/forum on facebook called Lady Hacks, where we share,tips and advice.We also encourage each other and help to empower one another.

For the past few months,we have been discussing one topic in particular and it has come up almost every month round  about pay day.

Where do you purchase your groceries and is there anyway to save on grocery shopping?Someone even suggested we create an app.

So as a mother and understanding what it means to turn a penny around twice and sometimes even thrice.I always used to make my grocery list and then shop around to see where I could find the cheapest price and then I will buy the particular products at each respective store.


This is something I will continue using throughout my life from this month forward, it is called Game price beat,they will match the price and beat it by 10% as long as you can prove that there is stock and that the price is cheaper.

So off I went yesterday to double check on prices at Checkers and Pick n Pay and finding the products cheaper ,I went to game armed with my pen and paper so I can have a smooth as possible transaction with the teller.People probably thought I was going crazy because I was walking up and down

When I got to the till I felt anxiety lol,not knowing how this was going to go.If any of you have ever watched Extreme Couponing on TLC(I swear if we should ever be so lucky to get this system here in our country I will probably be the biggest freak lol),I felt like one of those ladies,the tellers were standing talking to each other in their language and all I heard was the word desperate….and I thought to myself….what do I care,I am saving money and will be able to save lots in the long run and that I was doing this for my family and myself NOT for anyone else.

Another awesome thing about the price beats is that even if you do purchase the products at game for up to a week later if you find it cheaper elsewhere you can still go back with tour till slip and they will honour the price beating for you.

So starting this week I will be sure to keep you guys updated with the cheapest prices and also how the price was beat for me.I will base it on my specific purchases,so if you have any product you would like me to check out for you please let me know.

So below I will be supplying you with the list of products that I purchased last night at game.


Potatoes 7kg – R26.99

Rainbow Fresh 8pc chicken wings – R23.12

Rainbow chicken mixed portions 2kg – R39.90

Robertsons Chicken Spice – R24.99

Koo Baked Beans 410g  – 8.99


Sunshine D Lite – R25.99 (OP) – R21.95 (PAID)

Fattis and Monis Spaghetti 500g – R11.99 (OP) R7.90(PAID)

Fattis and Monis Macaroni 500g – R9.90 (OP) R7.90 (PAID)

Spekko Rice 2kg – R21.99 (OP) R16.70 (PAID)

Koo Peas 410g – R13.99 (OP) R11.9O (PAID)

All Gold Apricot Jam 900g – R19.99 (OP) R15.90 (PAID)

Hullets White Sugar 2.5kg R29.99(OP) R25.99 ( PAID )

What the total should have been : R358.68

What the total was :


I made a saving of :


The saving was very small but it was a saving none the less.

Hope this helps :) If you have any questions or tips and tricks too share with me,do let me know in the comments section below :)

peace and love coco





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