Sponsored : Kangol Extreme Gloss Lipgloss

Kangol Extreme Gloss Applicator

Kangol Extreme GlossIf you follow me on social media,you would have seen my press drop from Kangol in the week and how excited I was to share my experience with all of you.

So I am happy to say that this is my first installment for your enjoyment :)

This continues in my berry lips series My previous post was on Rimmel Cutting Edge Lipstick.

There is not much wastage with this product ,as it only lets out a little bit of product on the tip which allows you to have the control over whether or not you want a light or dark lip.I did an ombré lip with it to illustrate how light or dark you can make it.

kangol ombré lips

Kangol Extreme Gloss Applicator

It lasts for about 2 – 3 hours which for a gloss I think is really not that bad.

I like a dark lip with a more natural make up look so the emphasis is on the lips.

This is very high gloss and doesn’t dry out your lips.  It is very affordable at R59 and it’s available exclusively to Truworths stores.

Kangol Extreme Gloss - different looks

It is a nice compact size so will fit perfectly into your travel cosmetic purse.  And if you just starting out and don’t have a cosmetic purse here’s your chance.If you purchase any Kangol cosmetic products to the value of R200 or more you will receive one free.

Free Kangol cosmetic case

With products starting from as little as R29 each you can get so much more than just one or two products.

I also had so much fun taking pics of this product because I was using the Samsung NX1 camera to take them(Not the selfies lol).Falling more and more in love with photography as I am going along.These pics were so difficult to take as the gloss is very dark and so is the writing on the packaging but the camera makes it easy for even a novice to master and create fantastic pics.


Have you purchased a Kangol product before?What was it and what did you think about it?Do you have any specific Kangol product you would like me to review.Looking forward to your responses in the comments section below.

peace and love coco





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