The Avontuur(Adventure) of price beating.

I am a part of a very fantastic female group/forum on facebook called Lady Hacks, where we share,tips and advice.We also encourage each other and help to empower one another.

For the past few months,we have been discussing one topic in particular and it has come up almost every month round  about pay day.

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#SAMW ; Kim Gush Interview #KimandCoco

I met this wonderful woman a few days before SA Menswear week.

She was looking for a specific item and just couldn’t find it anywhere close to her,but it was close to me lol.So I decided true to my nature to assist,luckily I did because wow she is really a pleasant woman,that is making her statement on the fashion catwalks,soon she will be headlining New York, Paris,Milan all we have to do is keep on supporting.I have had the privilege of interviewing her and watching her do her thing at #SAMW SS16 #supportlocal



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LOTD : Rimmel Lasting finish Cutting Edge lipstick and Essence Honey Berry Lipliner

I have been searching for this deep plum colour for a while now and couldn’t find it and now I have and am thoroughly impressed :)
Here are a few reasons why I liked these products;

Charnelle Coco Avontuur - Rimmel LOTD

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How to start a blog – Part One

19th of July will signal the one year mark of in the loop with coco.

It has taken me a while to get to the point where I am and I am not even a little bit close to where I long to be but I will keep pushing because I am a hustler lol.

I have a very big personality as many that know me will tell you,and I started this blog to express my views and keep me out of trouble because sometimes my passion for a certain topic comes off like I want to be a know-it-all or a very violent person lol(I’m not I promise).

In the loop with Coco logo

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