Kangol : Lucky Lilac

kangol lucky lilac
I am sure you have seen my new favourite colour over the past 2 weeks or so 😉

So too match my purple hair when I went to the #Cosmojeans last week I just needed to complete my make-up with a purple lip of course.






I popped in at Truworths Canal Walk to purchase this lovely lip crayon by Kangol. I have liked this brand for a while and have only ever seen it in Truworths stores. I know what you saying,isn’t  Kangol a clothing brand?!


I thought so too until, I bought my first Kangol cosmetic product,which was a lip gloss with LED lights in the cap, so cute right.Kangol cosmetics was launched into 35 Truworths stores in May 1999 it is now stocked in over 132 stores.

Anyway back to my lip crayon lol. I am impressed with this crayon for a few reasons;

1.It is a really great lip colour, you can wear it light or darker depending on how you apply it.

(In this case I opted for light )

2 . It’s affordable at only R55.

3.I got compliments the whole evening,one lady asked me, what shade it is and I completely embarrassed myself by having to fess up that I didn’t know because I had only just bought it(psht what kind of beauty blogger am I hahaha- a real one).I found her on twitter and became a bigger clown,I tweeted her the wrong  colour hahaha so I will definitely  be sending her this link .

4 . It’s has nice packaging.

This is a matte lip crayon,so if you prefer a glossier look,I would recommend a gloss on top.

charnelle coco avontuur

Charnelle Coco Avontuur


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