#PPSA Sugar Spun

This has been a very sad challenge for me lol because I sucked at it :( I know they say practice makes perfect so won’t give up, but, to be frank my sugar spun looks more like icing sugar spun than anything else lmao.



sugar spun tools

This was one very difficult challenge for me and I still didn’t get to master it.I wore it to work like this on Wednesday and a comment was passed that it should probably look like that,but they don’t know what it looks like lol :)

So let me skip to the part where i explained what I used ;


#191 love is in the air

#138 L.O.L

#33 Wild white ways (This is the nail polish that was not to my satisfaction when I did the Red challenge post.)

I e-mailed essence and they then sent me a base and top coat that I really didn’t  expect it.Thank you so much. However after speaking to a fellow blogger(Michelle Roberts from Ordinary Misfit) we realised that it was most probably a case of people using it instore and not replacing the cap properly,TAKE NOTE,Clicks and Essence do not have testers.Many of us bloggers swatch the products for you.So if you ever would like to see what a specific colour looks like please pop me a mail or comment and I will be more than happy to purchase and swatch it for you. :)

sugar spun fail


sugar spun fail
Check the mess on my ring finger lol

I must add that as terrible as this mani turned out it photographed  extremely well.

Sugar Spun Fail mani in action
At the cosmopolitan #Cosmojeans fashion show Thursday evening :)


Please share your thoughts,tips or tricks for me to do a better job of this in the comments section below :)

peace and love coco



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