The Foodie in me

I was walking down Bree Street yesterday when I spotted the St Paul”s Anglican church and it looked to me like a scene out of Beauty and the Beast,so I obviously had to take a pic 😉
As I was stepping back to take a better quality pic,I looked behind me and then I saw it,something I saw on Facebook.It was the Bacon on Bree Restaurant/Cafe.
This place looked like one straight out of Diners,Drive-in’s and Dive’s.If Guy Fieri ever decides to do a South African version of this show,this is definetily a place he needs to visit.As we all know he is a big pork fan lol
Of course I had to pop in and check out for myself.
What a warm welcome.
Beautifully natural lit room and a great environment.
So being a stickler for doing things in order,I ordered the first thing on the menu.

They also have an art room on the bottom floor.

  And of course I couldn’t walk pass such a beautiful mirror and not take a selfie.
My sandwich was R45 and I ordered a pink lemonade with it and I can honestly say I was filled to the brim.
Overall the service was great and they have an awesome manager,Wilhelm which was telling me all about the origin of his nickname Will :)