Pac VS May


I woke up early this morning to watch a boxing match,something I have never watched or done in my life before.Today was the first full match I have ever watched but I am sure that I would be more qualified to have judge that match than the those judges were.


Firstly disappointed in the fact that I got up to watch either a track and field event or an episode of Barney(still a bit confused on that one)

I have seen street fights that were worse than that.

This was clearly match fixing!To those people that claim Mayweather was the better fighter because he played smart,oh please!

My friend once said running away is also another form of fighting and all of us burst out laughing.Clearly Mayweather heard that saying and decided to go with that.

We knew from the start that Mayweather would win nevermind if he actually did or not.
I am now a Pacquiao fan forever.
I always used to think people were hating on Floyd but clearly I too am now apparently a hater.
The crowd boo’ed the winner and cheered for the loser of this fight goes to show that money in actual fact rules the world.

Dissappointed to the max. Manny said it perfectly he didn’t do nothing.

And how about that interviewer,wtf was up with that stuffing his BS propoganda down our throat and take advantage of Manny’s poor English, sies on you.

Here is my question to the Mayweather yay sayers. If Manchester United(coz they are the most hated soccer club around the world) should have parked the bus,played home and chose the ref and  third officials would you still be singing the same tune?

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  1. Lol you mention how this is your first witnessed boxing match and then continue to tell us how you should be in some kind of position to give advice on the subject. How can you honestly read back what you wrote and think its worthy of internet data. But it seems your brain is so fried you have reverted back to the 15 year old girl you once were. I would like to give you some kind of constructive criticism but I cant think of any that could possibly make it into your thick head yours sincerely Max Kellerman

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