30 Day Squat (Butt) Challenge & Lower Body Blitz

30 day squat chalengeI haven’t yet mat a lady that doesn’t want strong legs, more toned thighs and a tighter butt(including me).
So I have decided to take on this challenge with 115K other people for the month of June for the  fun 30-Day Squat challenge & Lower Body Blitz.

So starting today and for the next four weeks I will keep you guys updated with my progress and if you decide to join you can upload pics of yours?

Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing your progress :)


peace and love coco


Sally Hansen: Complete Salon Manicure,Loves me not

Today’s Mani Monday features Sally Hansen Complete salon manicure in loves me not.


Sally Hansen Complete salon manicure, loves me not


This nail colour has a very nice thick consistency,got you thinking it has a long drying time,think again it goes on smoothly and dries quickly.It’s a bit hard to explain what the colour is as it seems to be two-toned.It is a base of a very dark colour almost black and has purple speckles that gives it a gorgeous metallic shine

peace and love coco

Avon Super Extend vs Essence Liquid Liner

As you know per my previous blogpost (Super extend winged out Mascara) I received two products from beauty bulletin and I promised you a how to video, and here it is.

Thanks once again for all the likes,views and comments on my previous video.Please don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to my channel.All comments,opinions and tips or tricks is welcome.
If there is anything you would like to see either on the blog or the vlog please let me know and I will be happy to oblige.

peace and love coco

Nacho average snack

After entering the fabulous Braai Boy Braai Challenge about a week ago(Bobby Shmurda definitely comes to mind lol). I have started seeing more and more things to compliment a awesome braai(barbecue).Last August we went to the fat cactus restaurant for my brothers’ birthday and I had a taste of Nachos and loved it(probably because I am a huge fan of the tortilla).So yesterday when my colleague made this at work I knew I had to try my own version of it.So here goes,the ingredients are as follows ;

1x Doritos Sweet Chilli
1x Avocado
Feta Cheese
Mozarella Cheese(Can be any other cheese
1.Empty your packet of Doritos onto a plate(Didn’t take a pic of this step as I only realised afterwards that this is something you guys would enjoy)

2.Grate Mozarella cheese over the chips.
nachos step 2
3.Crumble Feta over cheese and then pop into microwave till cheese melts.
nacho's step 3
4.Mash avocado and place it on top of the other ingredients.
nachos step 4
enjoying the nachos
peace and love coco

Braai for 4 for R200

As you know I just recently started a food segment on the blog, but what you don’t know is that I have entered a braai competition,hosted by Braai Boy the guy who challenged himself to braai everyday for a whole year,click on his name to head on over to the facebook page and vote for your favourite recipe.

So Hubby-Goal D Locks and I set off to complete this challenge.

Braai/BBQ for four raw ingredients
The rules were as follows;
Competition Starts on 1 May, and the winner will be decided at 12h00 on 8 May.

– You may not buy your ingredients before 1 May, and the photo of your till slip needs to reflect that.

– You need to send me 1 pic from your braai which I will upload to my FB page.

– Entries will be uploaded as and when they arrive, but I’m not always behind a PC, so I’ll guarantee they are uploaded within 24 hours of receiving them.

– This will then link through to the post on your own blog.

– There will be a public voting mechanism to decide the winner.

– The public needs to score 3 (or more) recipes to enter for a prize of their own.

– They will be asked to give a score out of 10 for the best use of the R200 budget.

– The winner is the recipe with the highest average score.

– In the case of a tie, the recipe with the most likes wins (nobody is allowed to canvass for likes though).

– You will be refunded the amount you spent at the Spar (up to R200) to cater your braai.

– Your braai needs to cater for 4 people.

– The budget does not need to include drinks, wood/charcoal, basic spices (Saffron/truffle oil etc. would need to come from the budget).

– The winner receives R750 and runner up gets R250. The loser scores themselves a “paplepel”.

Braai/BBQ for four Till Slip
My groceries amounted to 196.70.
Braai/BBQ for 4 just put on the coals
Braai/BBQ for 4 nearly done
Braai/BBQ for 4 complete
This is how I did it;
Hors d’oeuvre:

 I made salticrax(R18.99) and Tuna(2 for R20) mixed with green pepper and onions(which i halved and used in my salad as well) that were finally chopped,Nola Mayo also used for the salad (12.99) and added salt and pepper for taste.

 I bought lamb pieces(R70.49), Garries braaiwors (R23.11) and sundowner wings(R27.64) and a nice bean salad on the side,which consisted of a tin of Koo Baked Beans (R7.49), the other half of the green pepper,onion and mayonnaise and a sliced banana.Although the rules state that the drinks don’t have to be included in the budget, I could still fit it in at R9.99 for a Sparletta Creme Soda(Zoë’s favourite cooldrink).
The meat was seasoned with only salt, pepper and barbecue spice.
My final amount R196.70 and I even included the carrier bag into the budget lol.
This has been an awesome experience for me and I would once again just like to thank the organisers for putting this challenge forward to us. Just proves that although everything is on the increase we can still kick back and have some luxury/fun time within our budget,thanks to great grocery outlets like Spar .
In the loop with coco sign off

Pac VS May

I woke up early this morning to watch a boxing match,something I have never watched or done in my life before.Today was the first full match I have ever watched but I am sure that I would be more qualified to have judge that match than the those judges were.


Firstly disappointed in the fact that I got up to watch either a track and field event or an episode of Barney(still a bit confused on that one)

I have seen street fights that were worse than that.

This was clearly match fixing!To those people that claim Mayweather was the better fighter because he played smart,oh please!

My friend once said running away is also another form of fighting and all of us burst out laughing.Clearly Mayweather heard that saying and decided to go with that.

We knew from the start that Mayweather would win nevermind if he actually did or not.
I am now a Pacquiao fan forever.
I always used to think people were hating on Floyd but clearly I too am now apparently a hater.
The crowd boo’ed the winner and cheered for the loser of this fight goes to show that money in actual fact rules the world.

Dissappointed to the max. Manny said it perfectly he didn’t do nothing.

And how about that interviewer,wtf was up with that stuffing his BS propoganda down our throat and take advantage of Manny’s poor English, sies on you.

Here is my question to the Mayweather yay sayers. If Manchester United(coz they are the most hated soccer club around the world) should have parked the bus,played home and chose the ref and  third officials would you still be singing the same tune?