Avon SuperExtend Winged Out Liquid Liner and Mascara


I subscribe to the awesome review website Beauty Bulletin and have received two sets of products so far,the first was Batiste Dry Shampoo(My Youtube Video Below)

And the second is the products I will be reviewing today Avon’s SuperExtend Liquid Liner and Mascara.

So for the pass few months I have been using the Essence get big! lashes volume curl mascara(R44.50) which I love as you don’t have to apply too many coats to get your desired effect.
essence mascara - get big! lashes
essence mascara - get big! lashes
I have been struggling to master the art of the winged eyeliner for a very long time and no matter how many videos I youtube’d or how many pintrest tutorials,I checked out I just could not get it right(but that’s a story for another video).Needless to say when then courier pulled up with these product I was excited for days.
I used the product and it is a very good product for the price range.
As you all know I am a huge Chanel fan and of course I need to do the test(comparing the two products)
This is the result;
chanel vs avon liquid liner and mascara
Left – Chanel  Right -Avon

So for me the Chanel took the prize, It’s darker(liquid liner) and adds more volume(mascara).

I had to put on quite a few coats of the Avon mascara for it to be that dark vs 2 coats of the Chanel Mascara

Mascara:  Avon is about R120  and the Chanel is R485.

The liquid liner was open for about 3 days(supposed to last 6 months after opening) and it was already dry compared to the Chanel which is already 2 months old.

However I must add that for a product in this price it’s a good product and will do what you require it too.

P.S I wanted to do a video(how to),so I could attach it to this post and then eishkom happened  and I didn’t have much time thereafter.I will be completing it this week be sure to be on the look out for it.mwah.

Just would like to give a special thanks to Sunè Parris for cleaning up my end greeting and making it nice for your reading pleasure.

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