2 minute DIY light switch decor


I finally got the chance to watch Fashion Bloggers TV on E! yesterday which I have wanted to do in forever(and couldn’t because the guys and their sports rule the TV lol). I always knew that by watching it I can only get great tips/advice from it and this was definitely true.So what I took away from yesterdays episode was that if you are going to be taking great videos and photos you have to have 1 of two things ;
1. A room with plenty of natural light.
2. Awesome lighting(which at this point I don’t have).

So off I went to search for the best room in the house.I found it!My daughters’ room,but I had one problem, an unsightly light switch covering(probably caused by stickers pasted on the covering). Clearly I can’t be taking quality videos or pictures with that in the background.So I had to think of a plan and quickly.

Luckily in the beginning of the year(when I did my daughters stationery shopping) I spotted an awesome mint and white chevron wrapping paper,which I bought but never used. So I measured a piece of the paper that will cover the light switch covering and cut it out(with the help of my husband,because I swear I skipped the school lesson where they teach you to cut straight lol) and pasted it down and now I/Zoë has an awesome light switch covering and a beautiful space to work in!

If you don’t have wrapping paper and need to go to the shops,pop in to your nearest CNA and pick up a pack of 3 washi tapes for R59.90


P.S please excuse how I look in this pic lol I was in creative mode.

Wrapping paper from Shoprite(You can also use washi tape R59.90 at CNA)

Wall art – available from me R120 for the awesome phrase and R70 for the abstract face(add my page on facebook here and pop me an inbox/ send me an email to intheloopwithcoco@gmail.com)


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    1. I know right lol 😉 I love chevron too.If you like my facebook page,you can enter the competition too win a chevron notebook :)

    1. Yes I am based in SA, Cape Town in fact, do you have prints for little boys too? Please add me on whatsapp 084 589 7513, Nicki Williams

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