AKA and George Avakian twitter war


 I was scrolling through my twitter feed earlier and came across, something interesting.

@akaworlwide and @georgeavakian going at it,about an event, that it seems was planned by George head ining international artist Ace Hood.
It looked as first as AKA  had a valid point in pointing out that we put too much spotlight on international artists and not enough on our local artist.
Then George replied to the effect of AKA having sour grapes for not being a part of the event.
AKA then replies with a DM that was sent by George offering him 25K to perform at the event.
See the exchange between the two below ;

What do you think?Was this beef just created to get some publicity for the events AKA and George have planned for this weekend or is it for real?Sound off in the comments below
AKA will be performing at the Miss South Africa event on Sunday 29th March and George at the Maboneng event on the 28th(My birthday!)
Peace and Love

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