Grey Hair Don’t Care

So the Interwebs are going cray cray today with the new hair trend…going grey!

This week I have seen many celeb pics pop up with their new grey hairdo.Making me wish I wasn’t in a corporate environment, so I can take the plunge and just go grey because,I’m lovin’ it(sound like a spokesperson for macdonalds).

What do you think about this new trend?Will you go grey?Sound off in the comments section in the comments section below.

Peace and love

My interview with Kallie Kotze from Upstage Music

Hey everyone! So I know I have been neglecting you guys and I am so sorry,I just haven’t been finding the time to set up these interviews. SO if any of you have something that you starting or a project that you are busy with please do contact me and I will definitely set up a time and date with you.You will find my contact details in the contact section of the blog.

So her goes.

Tell me about yourself.

My name is  Kallie and  I’m the owner of Up-Stage Music. I’m a full time vocal coach and producer based in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town.

How did it all start?

Well, music has always been my passion – since I was a child. I was 11 when I took up singing lessons with a reputable singing school in Cape Town. I competed in various competitions,  performed regularly with various artists and started composing and writing my own work from about the age of 17. I started giving part-time vocal tuition at the age of 19.

How long have you had the school?

This year marks the fifth anniversary of Up-Stage. Before my school I was working in the printing industry, but my heart wanted to open up a music school to teach, We’ve only grown from strength to strength.

How has your experience been so far?

Rocky, to say the least! Owning a business is definitely not for the faint of heart. I’ve discovered the most difficult part of my job is the admin!(Hinting for a personal assistant). The plus side is that I get to do what I love- teaching. There is nothing more rewarding than to see my students doing well, improving and living their dream.

What is the greatest challenge you have faced?

I would say competition. There are a large amount of singing schools in and around Cape Town each offering their own style of teaching. I firmly believe that in order for a vocalist to become great, they first need to believe in themselves. So many artists fail in our industry due to lack of confidence or people walking over them, not giving them the chance to raise an opinion of what they are doing and why. Also, a big challenge is of course to offer students enough exposure. It is not always apt to have them perform in a pub! Family friendly venues are very difficult to find.

What advice would you give to others, who would like to start their own business?

Do your homework! I hear of so many business owners that just jump into a venture without thinking things through. I also feel that you need a passion for what you do. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it!You can!

How many of your students have gone on to be stars?

I currently have two stars that are touring Belgium as we speak! One of these students, Karla Christine, has also just released her second commercial album. Furthermore. I have had a few students that’s gone on to starting bands and gigging around Cape Town, becoming successful session vocalists for reputable SA acts and even a few students that have ventured into acting and has appeared in a few SA films and commercials.

What’s next for your school?

To grow, to dream and to keep singing!It’s a tough economy. I offer affordable singing lessons as I would never want to deprive anyone of not being able to afford living a dream! I am currently in the process of going a bit more mainstream with recording artists’ demo’s.I feel that there are a large amount of recording studio’s in Cape Town that offers their services to a selected few. What I mean by this is that the recording a song is expensive. I would like to be able to offer high quality recording at a fraction of the cost!I feel that every singer deserves to be able to afford a demo CD!

Kallie will be hosting Up-Stage Summer Concert on the 28th March. For more info lick on the link for all event details Up-Stage Summer Concert.

If you have any questions for Kallie or myself feel free to post in the comments section below.

Peace and Love

AKA and George Avakian twitter war

 I was scrolling through my twitter feed earlier and came across, something interesting.

@akaworlwide and @georgeavakian going at it,about an event, that it seems was planned by George head ining international artist Ace Hood.
It looked as first as AKA  had a valid point in pointing out that we put too much spotlight on international artists and not enough on our local artist.
Then George replied to the effect of AKA having sour grapes for not being a part of the event.
AKA then replies with a DM that was sent by George offering him 25K to perform at the event.
See the exchange between the two below ;

What do you think?Was this beef just created to get some publicity for the events AKA and George have planned for this weekend or is it for real?Sound off in the comments below
AKA will be performing at the Miss South Africa event on Sunday 29th March and George at the Maboneng event on the 28th(My birthday!)
Peace and Love

Gold and White or is it Black and Blue?

When my creative assistant is around aka Tamsen we are always getting up to the cute things in life.

So yesterday I was in the mood for a clean, fresh look and while browsing on  She Found , we came across this awesome look.

So to get this precious mani you will need the following items.(If you want to know how to get hold of this striping paper just leave me a comment in the comments section)

We started with a base coat of clear nail polish, then we used the white nail polish over the whole nail, applied the gold to my wedding finger as an accent nail and used the striping paper for the lines.
Hope you have fun trying out this look, please tag / link back tome should you try it out for yourself.

Peace and love 

Mint-Spiration; Outfit Inspiration

As we welcome in March and Autumn along with it , I thought I would give some outfit inspiration for those little summer days we still have left over.
1.Ralo Cosmetics Nail Polish in Mint
2.Set of four Rings with accent love ring from Mr Price
3. Flower Earrings from Mr Price
4.Necklace have it a while can’t remember where I bought it, lol
5.Mint takkie from Fashion Express
6.Mint Jogger Shorts from Fashion Express
Mint also goes perfectly with any skintone. I would pair mint with white as it makes the colour pop.Let me know what you will pair mint with.
Below are some pictures of celebrities wearing Mint;
Peace and Love