Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet


About a week or two ago I finally got my hands on the foundation that I was yearning for ,for nearly 4 months,after countless trips to my local Chanel counter feeling so very embarrassed to go back for testers because I couldn’t see the difference between the shades to having the fabulous Ryan (MUA at the Edgars Tygervalley Chanel Counter) applying it  for me to get the feel of it etc.  I finally got it the Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet.To me foundation is a very important part of my make-up regime as I feel it acts as a clean palette for me to create my masterpiece on. Here is my personal experience with this foundation.


When choosing a foundation the main things I look for are coverage,longevity and a natural feel and look,thankfully this foundation is perfect for all of the above.It’s soft light and velvety(my own word lol) to the touch,it makes a big difference from want my face looks like(uneven red spots,acne marks) to a even matte complexion.
There are 9 different shades to choose from,I am currently using the 40 beige,it also has built in SPF 15.
I am really happy with this foundation than I have been with any other as it really last the whole day(I know I have mentioned this above, but for me its so important as it saves me time as I don’t have to waste time on touching up the whole day).
This foundation retails at about R690.00 and for those of you that follow the blog you will now what an Al-cheapo I am , but I can proudly say that it is totally more than worth it.


Check the manicure,I’m a total Chanel Freak!!!
My next Chanel I would most probably be going for is the crayon sourcils sculpting eyebrow pencil in 40.
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Peace and love

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