Red My Lips:How to choose your shade

As of late my facebook timeline has been filled with very negative links/articles etc about victims of sexual abuse and even one that was a little bit less negative(as it was a very noble thing to do) of a father that got stabbed 17 TIMES to protect his daughter from being raped.Where have the days of the decent human beings gone?
I am very sexual person and love dressing sexy or provocatively according to me lol,so please don’t say I’m vain.(see below for a visual example). Is that good enough reason for anyone to feel they have the right to sexually abuse me?OH HELL NO!Please mums and dads start the conversation with your kids,make sure they know when they are being sexually abused and that they never have to feel embarrassed to tell you if it is happening. Well, this wasn’t supposed to be a serious post at all but I just felt the need to do my little part and maybe I’ll do a full post at a later stage to say exactly how I feel.So  here goes the fun part;

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Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet

About a week or two ago I finally got my hands on the foundation that I was yearning for ,for nearly 4 months,after countless trips to my local Chanel counter feeling so very embarrassed to go back for testers because I couldn’t see the difference between the shades to having the fabulous Ryan (MUA at the Edgars Tygervalley Chanel Counter) applying it  for me to get the feel of it etc.  I finally got it the Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet.To me foundation is a very important part of my make-up regime as I feel it acts as a clean palette for me to create my masterpiece on. Here is my personal experience with this foundation.


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Cynthia Morgan Music Video shoot

I am currently suffering from death by sunburn, but am pleased to be able to share my experience of me being a special(extra) on the a music video for Cynthia Morgan a sassy,fun,sexy and down to earth lady dubbed by me as the first lady of Hip Hop in Africa.

I was browsing through my Facebook feed Saturday evening and came across one very special post calling all dancers and extra’s that are interested in being in a music video and obviously I was,thankfully I was off and I’m never off (I sadly work every weekend).
Sunday morning was a rush to get done as our call time was at 8am,our outfits were to be inspired by Rihanna’s shut up and drive video so off I went with my denim shorts tight top and 3 PAIRS OF HEELS as well as some extra shorts to wear if the one I was wearing didn’t suit the wardrobe requirements, the reason why I have placed emphasis on the heels was because when we got to the set the director wanted us all to wear takkies for the shoot(BOL,typical of me to be a dwank lol),luckily for me we had the awesome Tracy Rosslind (stylist/casting director) that would go to the ends of the earth to make sure that all goes well with the shoot,that even took her boots off so that everything would be 100%.
The experience I had was amazing from jumping off cars to chatting to superstars and just gaining so much knowledge from everything made me so humble and appreciative And i can’t be more grateful for it.
However this has definitely taught me a few lessons.
1.Always wear sunblock!Days on set are long and you don’t know what the weather is going to be(it’s Cape Town so we have four seasons in one day).If you don’t this will be the aftermath.(See Pic Below)

 2. Always make sure that you have one of each type of item so flats, heels or takies(shoes)
     tight top,loose top,long top or crop top(top)

Below is a bunch of pics of the awesome time we had on location.

Peace and love 

Club CEO

 I was messing around on the internet the other day and found something cool I would like to share with you guys.

For those of you that follow my blog regularly knows;

1. I’m always pushing for that number one spot
2. I’m not the richest chicka out there

Above are some pics of the most coolest,sophisticated genuine leather bags(they use only the finest premium Italian leather which adds longevity to their bags and accessories) namely;Mens Paolo 2 Briefcase, Womens’ Fiorella Work Bag and Womens’ Medolla L Handbag.I have seen in quite a while,normally when I think of a briefcase the first thing that comes to mind are those olden time briefcases with those combination locks(not sure if that is what they call it) that my dad used to work when he was still working in an office(he has since ’97 been part of Club CEO,one of my main motivators) he now uses one for his nails(hardware ones,no weird fetishes) and the other for his important things as these briefcases are now totally out of fashion and out dated below is a pic of one if you can’t remember the horrondouseness (is that even a word,lol) that is the antique briefcase.

If you feel blindness coming to mind at the sheer sight of this briefcase please head on over to the Maxwell Scott bags sight and get a dose of anti-venom by checking out all the different bags and briefcases they have on offer.
Maxwell Scott is an online store based in the UK(e-commerce) they don’t have any store at the moment but do ship to South Africa(yipee)!
I can’t wait to get my hand s on my own one and swag it out like the Boss Lady I know I am…
These bags ooze style,class and sexiness I can just imagine how I would feel walking around with a Maxwell Scott bag or accessory.Go on be a trendsetter!
If you would like to know more about Maxwell Scott Bags and accessories below and in the post is a link to their website.
Peace and Love