Tearing a Page out of Shailene Woodley’s Book: Thrift Store / Bargain Shopping


As most of you know I am a mommy, and as you also know as a mother/ father it’s quite an expensive task to make sure that all of the wants and needs of you family members are met.

So for a while now I have been a member of a group called Second Hand on Facebook where people basically post there second hand things on a page and if you are interested on purchase you make arrangements and Bob’s your uncle.So when I saw a little insert on E! where they were interviewing Shailene Woodley , she said she only wears clothes from thrift stores or previously owned clothes in her day to day life, it just brought things right home for me, if you can rock it why not, who is there to judge you?

Soooooo *maxim bady voice * I went to a store today not exactly a thrift or second hand store but daaaaamn if I didn’t know better, I would say that it was, below are some pics of the items I purchased be sure to pop in, in a few days time to check out my look post featuring atleast on of these items in each post.



All items were purchased at Clearouts in Access Park ,Kuilsriver. In total I spent R46.00 on items that when normal price costs about R246.00.

Peace and Love

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