Sorbet harden salon pump nail polish remover;have a spa moment.


I ran out of nail polish remover a few days ago and popped into clicks for a replenish,I was standing in the isle when I remembered a post by fellow blogger Channi Chic recommending the new Sorbet Salon Pump nail polish remover.

So upon her recommendation, I thought, I will give it a try.

I must say I do not regret it at all.

I immediately sat down to remove my nail polish which was already on a few days too long(if you are a follower of my blog you will know that I  change my nail polish on a weekly basis).

I also bought myself a pack of Clicks branded 100% cotton pads to apply the nail polish remover too.

The nail polish remover contains acetone which means you can remove artificial nails with it as well, and its also so first thing that came to mind was a strong smelling nail polish remover smell(which I personally don’t mind but I know that most people do) so when I opened it I smiled a little bit as it actually had a pleasant smell.

It is also enriched with Geranium Essential Oil to enhance the condition of your nails and leave it lightly fragranced.

Something else that impressed me is that it is no mess, no waste and no stress, a few pumps and the cotton pad is sufficiently moistened for your use.
 No need to scrub and press and spend more than a few seconds on a nail which I normally do(coz be a nail art enthusiast, I always have more than one layer of nail polish on my nails), now two/three swipes my nail is clean and because of the vitamins in the remover it doesn’t leave your hands feeling dried out.

I am also very impressed with the budget feature, lol , due to the fact that you only use a few pumps at a time I’m sure this nail polish should last 2-3 months if not longer and obviously depending on use and it also saves you on hand cream coz your hands don’t fell so dried out anymore lol.

In conclusion I would say that the sorbet harden nail polish remover and I have started a good relationship and at R39.99 it’s a steal.

Many of us long for a spa day, but , as a mothers’, career women or students we don’t have the time or money to do this, here Clicks and Sorbet creates that little bit of spa life into our lives.

Be sure to pop this into your trolley or basket on your next trip to Clicks and enjoy a little bit of me time

Peace and love

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  1. I also recently switched to The Sorbet – its a bigger bottle and the pump action makes it so easy -plus when my toddler accidentally knock it over , no spills. Love the Geranium smell =)

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