My interview with the boss lady of Feminique


I want to start off by apologising for the late post, I know I promised to upload the interviews on a Monday but ; this week has been so hectic I didn’t even meet my own deadline, lol

I had the privilege of meeting the gorgeous Megan Morides at the pre-launch for her company Feminiques’ launch. 

Below is the interview I had with her.

What is Feminique?
Feminique is an all round service provider, for the fashion and entertainment industry. We specialise in: make up,hair, styling, photography and recruits.

What made you decide to start FEM?
My capabilities as an artist was constantly being complimented by people. My passion and drive for business was a major influence, I then decided to include the youth with the same qualities and business traits and formed FEM.

What are your business goals for the future?
Becoming national is the first goal before going mainstream.Feminique aspires to become a leading empire within the industry, involving everything in fashion, media and entertainment.

Is this your full time job?
No FEM  is my part time job , I studied business at CTI for a year and I have a day job.

What advice can you give to others out there, starting there own business?
Take your passion and make it work. When you enjoy what you do, the outcome will always be a prosperous one

Does Feminique have any upcoming events?
Next event is our high fashion catwalk launch on the 06th December, Standard tickets R100 and VIP R150.

Where can people go to see your previous work?  

What was the most difficult project you have ever taken on?
The most difficult project thus far is the launch event for FEM and our four years in the industry and the different tasks at hand.

The most enjoyable moments?
The most enjoyable moments are those when we connect with people and adding confidence to them as individuals creates a positive attitude towards life overall, and that is what FEM is all about.

What are your thoughts on support local?
Contributing to the progress of the industry locally and helping South Africa grow together

What is one thing no one know about Megan Morides?
haha, I’m a true lover of music and a really good dancer at heart and I’ve always wanted to change the world and FEM is just the beginning




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