My interview with Khanita Khan owner of Khankeepup


Today marks the start of my series of interviews with local entrepreneurs and to kick us off in the right direction we start with the fabulous owner and designer of the fabulous khankeepup Khanita Khan.


What made you start your own clothing line?
Well,as a kid growing up,I’ve always had a love for fashion,but fashion that not everyone will wear.My mom however never approved and when I passed my matric in 2011 my mom said I must study film and video production.First year into film I knew it was never meant for me and this feeling continued with me through my second year as well.Then mid 2012 I decided to prove to my mom that fashion is what I will excel in and what I really want to do with my life.I’ve always worked on music videos as a stylist and never as the DOP,scriptwriter etc.
Where did it all start?
Whilst being on film school I started my own brand called Khankeepup    and that’s when my first t-shirt range was born.It was sold to university students. As the year went on,I went on to social media advertising Khankeepup and then my t-shirts started selling in Johannesburg,when that happened my mom finally realized that my passion is not in the film industry but actually in fashion design and styling.
Well done,that’s quite an achievement,where do you get your inspiration from?
Thank you,hard work and determination play a huge role in my success.I’m not where I want to be but thank God I’m not where I used to be.My inspiration comes mostly from fashion icons such as Coco Chanel and Marilyn Monroe,that’s where my KKouturerange comes in and fashion bloggers from other countries.
Yes,without God we will stagnate and not move forward,what advice can you give to future fshion designers?
 True,the advice I can give is,never do anything for fame and fortune,you need to go where your passion is, never chase the money, if you love what you do the money will come naturally :)
How many ranges do you have and what is your favourite garment out of each range?
Currently Khankeepup has two ranges out called KKOUTURE AND KKOLLECTION.A new range will be launched soon called  KURVES  for the fuller figure women who dares to be different.My favourite KKOUTURE garment was the leather and faux fur jacket that was exclusive to khankeepup(which will be on auction at the FEM Launch on the 06 December).My favourite KKOLLECTION garment and one that was a big hit was the bodycon two piece dress.


Gorgeous,how can clients go about purchasing your garments?
Currently Khankeepup does not have any outlets,but there is an online store where all stock is visible for and
Customers in and around Cape Town can also come view the garments,they can contact me on 0789556274 to arrange for viewing.

Awesome stuff, where will be the next showcase of your garments and how can clients get hold of tickets to see it?
Khankeepup is featuring in an event called FEM,on the 06 December where our new range will be showcased.The event will be held at The
Bentley oyster bar and bistro in Claremont.Tickets can be purchased from Feminique R150nfor VIP tickets and R100 for normal tickets.

Khanita’s Quote:
If local designers supported each others talents and not see each other as a threat, our brands will go from strength to strength.Where there is unity there is God.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of, whats in store for those of you attending the launch

Peace and love

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