Soft and fresh

Soft and fresh were the words my daughter used to describe the feeling of the Dove shea butter soap against her skin.

When I think of Dove I’m reminded of the advert that they had a few years back with the litmus, demonstrating how moisturising Dove soap bar is and not harmful for the face

That being said I’ve never used Dove before, claiming  that the ad is just a marketing scheme and that its way to expensive to purchase as other soaps do the same thing ,So when I walked into pick n pay yesterday I saw that it was on special 3 for 26.99 and bought it hence my post :)

 I washed my face with soap as I have found that it works much better than cleanser/make up remover to wash the make up off my face but it always feels tight thereafter, with Dove it wasn’t necessary to moisturise at all, I have fallen inlove <3

When I logged on to facebook I saw that they were running a competition to promote the beauty bar, I will definetly be entering as I would love to show off how well Dove works for me.

*only been using it a day but can feel its going to be something awesome #silkysoftskin

#foundanotheruse : I put the empty soap box in my bag to take a photo of it and left it there forgetting to take the pic  and when I was unpacking my bag this evening out came the refreshing smell of shea butter and Voila! A bag freshner no extra charge!

#silkysoftskin #bagrefreshed #constantclean

Peace and love


Battle the fat in two minutes flat

Hey ladies!
It’s been 5.5 months since I have given birth two my second bundle of joy, and the battle of the bulge has now commenced lol

I am a working mother, I work six days a week and have never had an exercise regime, too tired when I get home, have too many things to do in the evening blah blah blah, all excuses.

But my body has changed and I am not happy with the way it looks(operative word being I)so I decided to start watching you tube clips to get some inspiration, a colleague overheard me and said that in order to tone my muscles I just have to do a few easy steps, so this is what I have been doing for the past few days;

10 x squats (for the derriere)
10 x forward lunges
10 x backward lunges (for thighs)
10 x coffin jacks (for abs)

Repeat 3 times
2 nights and then rest for one night

Please remember to stretch or end up like me hoping around with stiff legs and in pain for the whole day lol(hubby taight me a few stretches on night two so not too stiff anymore)

I can definetly feel the burn when im done with my two minute workout lol

Im not a professional personal trainer so please don’t try this without consulting your doctor or personal trainer as I cant be held liable for any injury caused.

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Until next time