In 1976, as I understand it,Russians decided to overthrow their government, so that every person in the country could benefit from socialism…

Fast forward to 2013, 96 years later and “white”South Africans are protesting against their rights not being taken care of as a minority in this country say what?????after they did it for 40 years without hiding it, really, ever heard of Karma?

They are not safe on their farms they say, their government hospitals are dirty, BEE and affirmative action is the contributing factor to them being unemployed.
So these farms they are not safe on, who gave it to them?How much did they pay for it?As far as my knowledge takes me “white people” came to South Africa and it was already occupied, so maybe if you give the land back to it’s rightful owners maybe you’ll be safe on your property?
Then they say their government hospitals are dirty,oh OK then let’s switch your government hospital for one like say, Delft day hospital where it is not only dirty but people die just waiting for assistance.
Now, let’s tackle BEE and AA, whats your problem?You still own all the businesses in this country, most of the ones with “black” CEO’s as well(too make sure you get tenders), don’t forget when apartheid was abolished you kept everything you stole as per your agreement. In apartheid time jobs were created for unskilled “white people” these institutions still have these people employed at 4 times my basic salary but yet nobody is protesting about that…

It might sound like this blog is all about downing the”white” people , no it isn’t, the first part of this was just an illustration of how delusional some people can be and get if they have enough support.Not only was this whole red October a stupid idea but is creating a bigger problem in our society, people are once again now going to become divided, because according to these people it’s only whites that are affected by these poor conditions.All the things they are protesting against doesn’t only affect white people it affects everybody even more so those of us that stay in the townships that can’t even take a jog in their own street without fear of being robbed or killed,for those of us that don’t have proper toilets(and ten 2 one, they people having this protest, are the same people that were going on about how disgusting the people were that threw the feces at parliament and the airport.Why didn’t they release balloons for the people of SA, being affected by poor service delivery, corrupt politicians and so on?

Yesterday at Tygervalley robots a young upcoming artist decided to sell his CD’s there, the Tygervalley area being a so-called “white” area, being there for barely 10 mins he was harassed by the metro police, informing him that he can’t sell his CD’s there(bearing in mind that it is his own music and not pirate CD’s) and needs a permit yet a few meters away there is a “white” beggar begging for money not needing a permit, what is society teaching us, that it’s OK to beg but don’t try to be an entrepreneur if you aren’t “white”.

Anyway all I’m saying is stop creating divisions in society their are too many already, and if you really believe in a cause fight for all of us not only for your “race” because we are all part of the human race.

Peace and Love

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  1. Red October march Cape Town Although it was a one sided protest it shows a bit of a bigger issue that has been hovering in the background of citizens of all colours been neglected and forgotten by our present government , the spiraling rate of crime on blacks and white citizens of this country,the disregard for opinions of citizens regarding e-tolling , secrecy bill and general lack of service and accountability and disregard for our citizenry , the time for change is now that we can restore hope for all citizens of South Africa vote for Agang SA in the next general election that we can effect change.

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