Bafana Bafana profesional soccer players?

What happened to National Pride?

I was so disappointed on Sunday evening watching the game, it’s not even funny…
I wasn’t disappointed with the loss( because let’s face it, at the point where our national squad is, we didn’t expect them to even get to the quarter’s), but what I was most disappointed in, was the comment’s about the coach as well as the attitude of the players.

Why is the country ,now blaming Gordon Ingesund?How many coaches would be able to achieve what he has in the little time frame he had(really, November-January is only 2 months), and a clear indication that he is the right man for  the job.Well done to Ingesund for getting us that far into the competition,lets try and better that for the next AFCON.

Another disappointing factor is the level of soccer that was played on Sunday night,it was just, for  a lack of a better word, disgusting!What professional soccer player/goalkeeper plays like that?
Don’t even get me started on the penalties, allowing Mali’s GK to just read you like a book, miss the goal and not even have a look of disappointment in your face?Dean Furman did well to keep Kheita out of the game so props to him, for that defending but whenever we are attacking he passes the ball to the back, and ends up changing our game into a defence mode.Where is the Vision?

Khune is supposed to be the country’s number one goalie, I have said this before and will say it again there is only one, number one keeper and that is Moeneeb Jospeh’s aka Slimkat, that had to retire from international soccer saying he has personal matters to attend to, when we all know it’s because he wasn’t getting any playing time with Bafana Bafana.If we look, purely at club performance ,which one is in the current champions’ squad Khune or Moeneeb?Slimkat would not have conceded one penalty, I’m sure , because he immediately intimidates the players with his confidence, knowing that he is going to save the goal, Khune allowed the players to intimidate him.Josephs’ has experience behind his name that will allow our players to perform the way they should.Siyabonga Sangweni as I have said in my previous blogs’ is a star player, and has been playing and winning cups with Moeneeb for a few years now,this in itself will change the whole dynamic on the field.I will be setting up a get slimkat back into the squad page on facebook, I will urge you all to join so that our national team can start performing(i will also be posting the link in one of my next blogs).

The best club in the country at this point, Orlando Pirates only has two players to represent them on the squad, and the other one was sitting on the “bankie” for the whole AFCON.

We have players out there that deserve to represent our country and take it back to it’s former glory!I mean really we have players like Steven Pienaar coming from our country, the player that the world revolves around at Everton, you telling me Bafana can’t win an AFCON really?

Must say disappointment runs deep through my veins this week, so much so that I will go as far as to say the whole squad besides Oupa Manyisa and Siya Sangweni should be fired from the team and they must get new players in and Gordon must pick his own team with no interference.

Peace and love