Breaking out of the Box


Hey Guys,

My post today, is going to be somewhat different but, still the same as my usual posts…lol

Before I start I would just like to put it out there,that, what I say in my blog is how I feel, you don’t have to agree with what I say, and you are most welcome to comment(I appreciate all the feedback I get).

So last night I went to watch the open mic session at Montreal in Loop Street,Cape Town.I must say congrats and well done to all the artists that came out and performed as though you were performing infront of a sold out arena,even though there was a very small turn out ,15 people including the bartender.

Very sad to know ,that Justin Bieber’s concert was sold out within an hour, with tickets pricing from R700 each and that people won’t even pay R20 to come out and support our local artists.

Well done to the performers of last night, Mr Goal D Locks, current winner of lyrical warfare, March and April 2012, Chezy B,winner of lyrical warfare February 2012, Die Baarhied-Barendz and Byron Clarke,there were to other artists there as well but they didn’t introduce themselves to us.

I wanna say thank you to them for breaking the mould,proving to the masses that our communities are more than just alcohol, drugs and crime, thank you for showing that we are soo much more than that.

One a  side note, I would just like to say that no one can judge you for having a beer or a glass of wine, but please, please ,when you on stage performing nevermind how many people you’re performing for don’t stand onstage and take a swig of your beer not only is it unprofessional, it throws you right back in to that box you’re fighting so hard to get out of.

Catch die Baarheid-Barendz, Byron Clark and Chella83at African Drum Elsies Pride Vol 2
Date: 01 February 2013
Place: 261 Halt Road
Doors Open: 19:00
Enq : 078 552 5237
Entry Fee : R25

P.S. Got a new addition to the family yesterday,he is too cute chasing me up and down in the house trying to bite my feet,lmao.

Peace and love,

3 thoughts on “Breaking out of the Box”

  1. Firstly a man is getting old nice big white font on black background will do an old man a world of good , secondly we need to promote ourselves more via FB Twitter Google+ etc to get support even before we start performing , they say 20% is talent and the 80% is pure marketing , good luck with your future events and you can count on my support for sure :) peace and love Jah Guide

  2. thanks for your comment,I totally understand what you are saying but the problem is money…R2500 is a lot of money to place an ad in a newspaper,especially if you know that supporting local artists is an issue

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