Boosting our National Pride

Woza Woza Woza!

Wowee what a way to start the week!

Bafana Bafana through to the quarter finals of the Afcon,makes me so excited.

Yes I admit, it wasn’t an excellent game, I actually gave up mid way, telling my friends and family that was watching the game with me, that there is no way that we would win this game….

And then out of the darkness, just like he did in the previous match Siya Sangweni ,pulls a rabbit out of a hat and scores!!!!What a wonderful display of skill, a defender, seeing his team struggle pulling to the front and scoring the equalizer advancing us to the next round, and then again just like in the previous match gets absolutely no recognition for it.This is definetly one player that deserved to be man of the match in both matches but, alas, he wasn’t.

The beautiful result of yesterday just gives me hope again for our soccer team in this country,hopefully we can get it back to it’s former glory, like when we had players like Dr Khumalo,Mark Fish and Shaun Bartlett in our team.

One way that they can achieve this is by coming around to our tournament and scouting the young talent out there.I had a fun-filled soccer day yesterday, I had witnessed the U19 Blue Downs football club at UWC sports grounds  yesterday, qualifiers for the Bay Hill Tournament, hosted every year, at the Erica Park in Belhar, Western Cape. They were fantastic they played two matches and won both, first match result was 2-0 to Blue Downs and the second match $-0 to Blue Downs,i was amazed at the skill and finesse displayed by these youngsters and couldn’t help but ask why these guys aren’t being chosen for our national squads.

Here is my question ,as you know, I’m always asking questions lol.Why doesn’t SAFA send some representatives to the different tournaments around the country every year, and select players that show potential, nevermind which soccer club they are with, and groom them to be the players that can make our country proud?

So, well done and good luck to Bafana Bafana for the rest of the tournament, make us proud!

Peace and Love,

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