Advertsing in our local industry

As you guys might have noticed it’s been a while since my last blog.

It’s quite difficult to blog about this topic,as I ,one, don’t get invited to local events as much as I expected to since starting the blog ,and two, there is once again not much advertising for our local events.

Everybody is talking about the new upcoming Swedish house mafia concert, but there is no word about the next black ties,Emo Adams or even the next Jamali concert.

I would like to give a big thank you to people like Ready D, who are trying their best to help the youth showcase their talents, but in the same breath I would like to ask, is that where it stops?You are giving them a few minutes to present their talents, on a wednesday evening and then they leave your show ready for the next cypher session, but no one contacts them to offer them a chance to perform at their events,or even to drop their demo’s off to see if they will be a ble to make it big in the industry?How about using your contacts to help them out?

Is there no events company that is arranging these big international concerts that feel that they want to give the unknowns a chance? I am not saying to just blindly choose an artist or group and let them be an opening act without listening to them, but what I am saying is give them an open door to set-up a meeting with yourselves and listen to what they have to offer.Don’t knock them down without giving them a chance first.

If any artist would like me to blog about them like an interview, whether you are a model,fashion designer,jeweller,rapper, singer or can contact me on

Peace and Love

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