Elephant Shoes

8 Letters 3 words…..Elephant shoes!

Wow what amazing talent we have in our city…Jimmy Nevis Elephant shoes is a feel good,sing-a-long song I was listening to on my way to work this morning. I put it on repeat and jammed all the way to work with nothing else but the lyrics of this song in my mind, not giving a worry to the fact that it was only 7:10 in the festive season and on my way to work.

One question was going around in my mind….where are all the other talented people in our country,our rainbow nation we call South Africa???
Do we have a platform where our STARS can perform ,be heard and start a career?not that I’ve heard or seen.Where are those producers that has to build up or create a fantastic entertainment industry in our country?One that will be rivalling our international counterparts because oh yes we have that talent and it’s on par with theirs(better actually in my opinion).

Buy Local CD’s create more Lira’s,Zahara’s and Jimmy Nevis’ it’s up to us to assist in that regard as well so that our local producers can have more faith in our local artists and the fact that they can make it BIG!

Support your local artist by attending the launches(independent labels, trying to make it out there).
Tonight at Purple Turtle in Cape Town there will be an event like the one mentioned above go out and support and you don’t have to pay R700+ for a concert when you can spend less than R200 and get great entertainment and still have money for refreshments.

So guys.

Go out and support local.


Peace and love

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