Ronal Robertson defines globalization as “the compression of the world and the intensification of the consciousness of the world as a whole”

It could also be percieved as as the compression of the minds capacity and the intensification of the confusion of our consciousness to convince us that there is not one point in our lives where we are required to be trendsetters or leaders than sheep following merely following a flock.

We are lured into this false sense of acceptance due to the fact that,yes globalization can be a good thing as a matter of fact it can actually be a great thing, without it I probably would have had to wait a couple of more years to blog at the rate that I am.

We are being indoctrinated from day one, to be just like everyone else, we get told to think the same and when we dare step out of line, it’s off with our heads with the metaphorical gyliotine of society.

We are being stripped  from our culture, stripped from the use of our free minds, brainwashed to believe whoever it is that’s dictating whats hot and what’s not at any specific point in our existence, subservient to this global societ or one society as they call it.

This impacts our industry as a whole wether you are a musician,painter,jeweller or designer, most of the time the material is heavily influenced by American/European pop culture. One of our artists has now even gone so far as to name his song YMCMBesem(after Lil Wayne’s brand YMCMB).

What about our local brands?
Why not represent that?
Whatever happened to Loxion Kulca an awesome brand that no one takes note of?

We should form our own bricks within our social circles and counter this uniformity, who wants to represent anyone else but yourself?

I have a watchdog in my life that continually reitterates the importance of individuality or being unique and it suits me well.

So next time you see someone dress, speak or look differnetly than what is accepted in society, don’t mock or judge them, just love and compliment the person for being brave enough to break free from the system!

Till next time
Peace and love

Colonised by one self

WOW, but South Africa has talent!

Last night was once again a reminder of just exactly how MC’s(rappers) we have in our country.

Where were the label owners/producers?

They should have been like the crocodile’s in the Limpopo river just snap,snap,snapping up the talent…

A problem that we have in the industry is,that there is a lack of skilled help.
Local newspapers aren’t offering our artists any form of free advertising,charging R2500 for an ad for one week, thus all advertising is being done via social networks or word of mouth, which would be effective if our people weren’t so Americanised(too much into what those artists are doing and not paying attention to ours).

It would be great if the students that are studying marketing/PR/artist management/photography or even media studies assist our artists with there knowledge whether it be entertainment artists/designer or jewellery makers, which is the exposure that upcoming artist need, as when the are coming up they don’t necessarily have enough funds to pay for all those services.Not only will it look good on their CV’s but it will also create a pride in our country’s assets, and we will regard our artists higher than we regard the international artists.

The international artists are chuffed with our artists and type of dances that we do,that people like Beyoncè(coz yes that’s what she is a person) performing our dances in her music video and then people think that it was created by her.Sorry babe my five year old daughter has been dancing like that way before “run the world” was even thought of,lol.

This is a plea to our artists to be REAL,be YOU, and be proudly South African no need to be Lil Wayne or Nicki Minaj just be who you are!

Big up’s to our artists that performed at Purple Turtle last night and also to you audience members that were willing to supporting our up and coming artists.

You can follow the artists as well:

Mr Goal D Locks- Goaldy on Sound Cloud and @ASTAR_TSE on twitter
J.O- JOCPT on Sound cloud and legacy events on facebook
Caliber-music downloadable on kasimp3(free people)

And then to the only female rapper that was there last night to represent the ladies Andelene(apologies if i didn’t get your name correct) big up’s babe and keep on keeping on.

Hey! Ladies why is there only one chicka representing us?We most definitely have some dope female MC’S ,so start showing up and bring back female rappers the likes of Godessa.

So follow  our artists listed above,try to get to as much performances of theirs as possible, so they can push up their level of expertise so we can kick the internationals in the rear.

P.S mention the post to your buddies so more people can realise what or where or country should be in our way of thinking.

Peace and Love

Elephant Shoes

8 Letters 3 words…..Elephant shoes!

Wow what amazing talent we have in our city…Jimmy Nevis Elephant shoes is a feel good,sing-a-long song I was listening to on my way to work this morning. I put it on repeat and jammed all the way to work with nothing else but the lyrics of this song in my mind, not giving a worry to the fact that it was only 7:10 in the festive season and on my way to work.

One question was going around in my mind….where are all the other talented people in our country,our rainbow nation we call South Africa???
Do we have a platform where our STARS can perform ,be heard and start a career?not that I’ve heard or seen.Where are those producers that has to build up or create a fantastic entertainment industry in our country?One that will be rivalling our international counterparts because oh yes we have that talent and it’s on par with theirs(better actually in my opinion).

Buy Local CD’s create more Lira’s,Zahara’s and Jimmy Nevis’ it’s up to us to assist in that regard as well so that our local producers can have more faith in our local artists and the fact that they can make it BIG!

Support your local artist by attending the launches(independent labels, trying to make it out there).
Tonight at Purple Turtle in Cape Town there will be an event like the one mentioned above go out and support and you don’t have to pay R700+ for a concert when you can spend less than R200 and get great entertainment and still have money for refreshments.

So guys.

Go out and support local.


Peace and love